About Us

Stromboli's was a holiday resort in the 1960's and was well known for its delightful restaurant and lovely gardens. This holiday feel has carried over to the Village and visitors are struck by the relaxed and happy atmosphere.
There are 45 retirement cottages in the Village. Our residents range from 64 to 97 and come in all shapes and sizes, guys and girls, singles and couples!! The paved roadways and paths encourage walking and it warms the heart to see a couple in their 80's going for their regular evening stroll hand-in-hand.
Some of our residents are ardent gardeners and their show piece gardens are enjoyed by us all.
Eating and drinking together are favourite past times among the many friends at Stromboli's. Not only in the dining room for roast lamb on a Sunday,  but every now and then a crowd of residents will get together at "Pumba's" (the lapa up at the pool) for a prawn evening or a bring & braai. There are some amazing cooks among our number and there is no shortage of volunteers when such an evening is planned - and equally no shortage of tasters!

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Before moving on, please take a moment to look at our lovely gardens in our Picture Gallery.

Music afternoon in the Frailcare with Pierre and his magic keyboards.

Frailcare hosts a birthday celebration and many Village folk share in the occasion. 

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