Rita Harvey's 80th Birthday

Although Rita Harvey's 80th birthday actually fell on the 6th March 2012, we celebrated with her on the 2nd March at Stromboli's as she and her daughter, Debbie, were flying up to Johannesburg on the 4th to celebrate there with the rest of the family. Rita and her late husband, George, were the first residents to move into Stromboli's in 2005. She is known to everyone and well loved by all.  Rita and her Jack Russell, "Sedge" - short for Sedgewick! - are a familiar sight walking at Stromboli's, even though old Sedge is now totally blind. Rita's infectious laugh lifts all our spirits on a regular basis. Happy Birthday, Rita and may the Lord bless you with many more happy and healthy years, hopefully at Stromboli's where you are a very important member of our Village family. 

Food was ready, guests had all arrived and everyone thought Rita had forgotten! - but  there she was - full of smiles and ready for a party!

A private word for a friend.  

Bobby Hack, the Stromboli developer, made the birthday speech. He sold Rita & George their house and he reminisced about the early days.

Time to cut that delicious cake! 

Rita & daughter, Debbie

Rita & Vi Johnson

A wonderful spread was laid on by the kitchen with champagne and orange juice to round it all off.  

Marietha, our kitchen Manageress, baked a beautiful birthday cake for Rita, decorated with roses from Dot's garden: a delight to behold - and even more so to eat!  

Graham Vos, neighbour to Rita and George from the beginning, pours the champagne while some more guests arrive from Frailcare.  

A hug from James Marais. At 80, Rita is still driving and sometimes gives James and Yvonne a lift to church!  

"Happy Birthday, Rita!" 

Opening gifts - lots of delicious goodies!

More tasty treats, Rita!


All in all, a great time was had by all. Rita was spoiled with lots of lovely gifts and everyone enjoyed the eats and champagne. Every birthday is precious at Stromboli’s and they are always celebrated with joy.

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